Community Green Energy

Community Green Energy

Pay-As-You-Go Community Solar

Savings on Your Electric Bill With No Equipment, Hassles, or Up-front Costs

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy solar electricity to power your home or business? No need to invest in expensive equipment or clutter your roof with panels, assuming you can even put solar on your roof. Well, that is what our Pay-As-You-Go Community Solar plan is all about: the opportunity for you to simply buy your electricity from a local solar array and save money on your electric bill.

How Does It Work?

Pay-As-You-Go Community Solar works by allowing you to choose solar as your electricity choice. Traditionally you’ve received your electricity supply from your electric utility company or perhaps from an alternative retail electric supplier. You pay for this power when you use it every month and this power is usually coal or natural gas based.

Pay-As-You-Go Community Solar simply allows you to exchange that coal or natural gas generated electricity for cheaper solar electricity. It is still delivered to your home or business the same way and you still call the local electric utility company if the power goes out. But each month you will purchase your solar electricity from Community Green Energy and receive a credit on your electric bill amounting to a savings of 10% to 20% the first year and increasing to as much as 30% to 40% over time!

Pay-as-You-Go Community Solar vs. Traditional Energy Solutions

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