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Choosing to own solar can be a wonderful decision toward reducing or eliminating your monthly electric bill, while also supporting a sustainable lifestyle. And traditionally, if you’ve owned a roof, going solar is possible. But what if you rent, live in an apartment, have a poor or shaded roof, or just simply worry about how solar would impact or look on your roof? Well, your solution may lie in a community solar garden. With Community Green Energy, you can purchase your solar panels and have them installed in one of our local community solar gardens and receive all the benefits of solar as if they were on your own roof!

How Does It Work?

Purchasing your solar panels and choosing to install them in one of our community solar gardens works very much like installing solar on your own roof, minus the burden placed on you by the installation process of course. Community Green Energy insures that your panels will be properly installed and because we install hundreds of panels at once, the cost of your panels is significantly reduced compared to putting them on your own home. And because you own the panel, you get to take the Investment Tax Credit, just as if it was on your home, which will provide you a tax credit for 30% of the panels cost.

Once installed, your panels will deliver their electricity to the grid, but each month you will receive a credit for the electricity generated by your panels directly on your utility bill. The same credit you would receive if the panels were on your roof! Community Green Energy handles the maintenance so you don’t have to and because the panels aren’t on your roof, you can keep your solar even if you move.

Buy Your Own Panel or Traditional Solar, Which is the best option for me?

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